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Single And Unattached

As part of the 15th year anniversary of the Philippine Friendship Longboard Cup, the very first Single Fin Longboard Contest entitled "Single And Unattached", was held in Monalisa Point, San Juan, La Union last February 8 &10, 2013 organized by Coast Thru Life, The Surf Institute, Zamora Surf  and Ten Again Films and Productions in cooperation with La Union Surf Club.

This is the first time in Philippine shores that the traditional side of long boarding was high lighted in a surf contest. Buji Brownlegs, Coast Thru Life's founder and main proponent of Single Fin Surfing in the Philippines since God knows when, came up with the event name and poster design.
 "It's a leashless single fin contest and it's held in the month of hearts, the perfect time to show some single fin lovin'. " says Buji.

Competitors from all over the country, as well as Korea, Japan, Australia, and California set aside their usual high performance exhibition, pulled out their logs, and let out their classic moves, fancy cross stepping, miniscus tearing drop knees, and nasal navigation skills.

Longtime local at longboarding’s world-renowned mecca, First Point Malibu, and owner of The Surf Institute, Carla Rowland, held the essential position of competition director. “As part of the traditional longboard resurgence that took place in California during the early 1990’s, it feels really great to be a part of a similar movement in the Philippines. Along with our friends at Coast Thru Life, we are aimed at bringing back the classic, old-school style of the days where the likes of Miki Dora, Lance Carson, and Dewey Weber were dropping knees and hanging ten… leashless, with only one fin.”

A whopping beach concert on the eve of the 9th featuring some of the nation's superb bands and artists such as Quest, Julianne, Soju, The Flippin' Soul Stompers, and one of the country's surf ambassadors and co-founder of Coast Thru Life, Echo Rosales sang their hearts out and filled the salty air with deluxe tunes and good vibrations as hundreds of sea legged lovers partied the night away.

Good vibes, fun peelers, single fins, beached logs, beautiful peeps, splendid soulful tunes, classic steeze, and big smiles, all made this gathering of sun burnt souls a blast and will definitely be an annual event to look forward to.

 Stand out lady surfer from Manila, heart throb, and 3rd Runner up in the Wahine's Invitational, Carla Sebastian.

Some Lady Sliders heading in and out

Nikki Dela Paz, Coast Thru Life's co-founder and one fine lady logger breaking some hearts each time she heads out.

 Philippine Surf ambassador and Coast Thru Life co-founder, Jericho "Echo" Rosales with his beloved Zamora log.

 Tiny Toes competitor , KingKing Villanueva goes behind the camera in between heats.

Super stylish logger from Malibu, Jackson O'Connor, shows his Filipino friends some classic California flair.

Jackson logging around

 One of La Union's legends, Anthony Valdez, busts a few of his infamous drop knees.

 Competitors bring out the heaviest boards they could get their hands on.

 Buji Brownlegs catching a few.

Billabong Asia team rider and Philippine pride, Luke Landrigan joined in for some single fin fun.

Logging advocate Jeff Ganuelas of Moonshine and Saltwater styling away.

 Men's Classic Invitational 1st Runner Up Marven Abat: tall, dark, handsome, and super stylish. Drop knee smile.

Moro Gandawali power dance.

 One of the contry's finest longboarders, Benito Nerida setting up for a dance off with the ocean.

 Califonia-based Filipino shaper who whips really awesome wave sleds, Ian Zamora aka Big Z, wave sliding attempt to scare the section away.

 Cutest grom alive who also happens to shred, Perry Ventura,  decides to go for an afternoon swim.

 Wonder grom Jay-R Esquivel and champion of the Tiny Toes Division : Ten tiny piggies over.

Women's Classic Invitational Champion, Daisy Valdez: Just another leisurely stroll down the beach.

Local kids played a game of  log catching.

Daryl Esquivel, Tiny Toes 3rd runner up, knows what style is at such a young age.

Tiny Toes Finalists with boards almost twice their height.
The future of Philippine Logging is in your toes.

 Tanjun Fietas, Aloha Boardsports Longboard Pro-Invitational Champion, bags 3rd place in the Men's Classic.

Men's Classic 3rd Runner up, Chris Par mixes some power moves with traditional maneuvers.

Junior Ventura, die hard logger and single fin lover, wows the crowd with his extra-loggular bag of tricks winning the Men's Classic Invitational.

Juinor Ventura: The Philippines' first Single Fin Longboard Champion.

Night Cap: The Single and Unattached beach party left the crowd dancing and stomping till dawn. Echo doing what he does best.

All Photos by Jefferson Ganuelas. 
If you're interested in any photos you like or additional footage of the event,  
Contact Jeff at Moonshine and Saltwater


Men's Classic Inviational
Champion: Junior Ventura
1st runner up: Marven Doctolero Abat 
2nd runner up: Tanjun Fietes
3rd runner up: Chris Par

Women's Classic Invitational
Champion: Daisy Nerida Valdez
1st runner up: Menchie Par
2nd runner up: Winnie Fuller
3rd runner up: Carla M. Sebastian

Newly Single Invitational:
Champion: Textbak Dalora
1st runner up: Ronald Lopez
2nd runner up: Aye Catula
3rd runner up: Daniel Marley

Tiny Toes invitational
Champion: Jay-R Esquivel
1st runner up: Jhenard Fernandez
2nd runner up: Perry Ventura
3rd runner up: Daryl Esquivel

Coast Thru Life would like to thank all the sponsors who made this event possible.

Jericho Fragrances by Natasha
La Union Surf School
Blunt Magazine

Friday, February 8, 2013

Gettin' ready to go Single.

Junior's Transport

The CTL Sun Cruiser, all fixed and road worthy, leaving @jericho_rosales' dry port for its 5 hour (or maybe 10) voyage to San Juan for the #SingleAndUnattached gig

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


The first single fin classic longboard contest in the Philippines