Friday, September 27, 2013

south swell

Mr.T strapping our board. Thanks @kiddocosio!

This cove always saves our day from being just a day in the beach stuck indoors during a storm; Spinning some head high left hand peelers during the world's strongest typhoon of 2013

 @msandsw setting up @wanderwoman19's single fin custom shaped log by @ashleylloyd for a not so loggable left..... and was screaming with joy the entire ride. 
@bujibrownlegs couldn't believe this spot was right there all along

@nikkidelapaz asking "Pidot" for some goose stepping tips in @flotsamandjetsamhoste

Rainy morning sessions in an empty cove stripped down to the bare essentials: trunks, bikinis, single fins, and your good vibes surf mates.

Friday, September 20, 2013

CTL custom surfboards by Ian Zamora

We've got mail! @bujibrownlegs can't wait to unwrap the goodies @ianzamora sent from Cali. Looks like our board rack won't be empty much longer.
First batch of CTL custom boards by @ianzamora are in the house. Yew!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Rest Assured

Check out our new video "Rest Assured". 
Dedicated to all our friends connected to us by the Sea.

Echo, Buji, and Nikki take a road trip to Baler to meet up with a very promising swell looming in the Pacific.
Video and Edit by Buji Brownlegs
Thank you Jerome Faraon for the additional surf footage.
Special thanks to Wilson Faraon for making sure that our stay in Baler was the best.

Music: "Lark" by Josh Ritter from the album "So Runs the World Away"
Surfboards by Ian Zamora