Monday, June 27, 2011

Mollie Goes Surfing!

Miguel and I were able to convince Mollie to surf with us that day.

We went to the nearest surf shop and rented a wetsuit for her. $10 for the day. Not bad, except that it had a few holes.

"What up Voltron!"

Bill-"Are you sure you're going to look out for her Buji?"

I made sure I did. Gave Mollie a few tips on the beach,La Union style,the only way I know how...

"When you see a wave coming coming, you paddle paddle."

Mollie did great- paddling, turning the board, and catching her own waves. To celebrate a fun day of surfing, she got us a delicious pie topped with cream,chocolate syrup and huge fresh strawberries.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Checking out the waves...

Beamer and I borrowed Darren and Rachel's bikes to check out the waves.

The "Hook" was pumping but looked a bit intense.Dozens of short boarders burning each other on head high sets. We decided to paddle out at Sharks where it was more mellow and fun.
After all that's what surfing should be all about... having fun-not being stressed.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Beamer and Mollie

I've had the opportunity to hang out with one of the coolest couples I've met- Beamer and Mollie.

Darren checking out Beamer's neat boards

Beamer's Almonds

His really nice Mini Simms

His classic Hobie Single fin

Their bus a' love

Solar panel chargers that hook up to sun visors can power your car batt, phones, and laptops.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Today... California, it is officially the start of summer.

But here in the Philippines, it's the birthday of my favorite surfer, Buji MY Brownlegs!

Happy Birthday Buj! I love you!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Darren and Rachel's Pad

First time I walked into Darren and Rachel's house, I actually thought it was a vintage surf shop. I felt like I walked into a time machine back to the 60's. Inside is the coolest collection of boards hanging on wall racks and all over the ceiling. Really enjoy hanging out with these guys. They always say the funniest things that make us laugh out loud.

With years of surfing Santa Cruz' premiere spots, Rachel will take off on the big set waves back side and walk all the way to the nose with style and ease.

Darren loves to shape and ride his quiver of beautiful resin tint single fin longboards, classic shorties, hulls, and fishes. And he enjoys paddling out early in the morning to fish…on his longboard! Showed me a big fish he caught one morning right before he flew down south for a surf trip to Mexico.

What's cool is that most of these boards were made by Darren

Hmmm...I wonder which board I'll take out today…

Nice retro chair

Even the table cloth looks vintage

Great photo of Darren's quiver all laid out

Treasures in their backyard- vintage bikes parked every where

Rachel's Schwinn cruiser
a couple of interesting boards taking some RnR

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bill's Street

I just love the trailer homes on Bill's street. Each house is unique and has it's own character and charm.However simple and functional these structures are, each person living there adds his or her personal touch making each of these homes really special and unique.

You can bike or skate to the grocery, stores, cafes and restos, super friendly neighbors who surf with you in the line up, a number of amazing surf spots just a few blocks away...what more can you ask for.

They're "happy homes" where truly "happy people" live.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jay Bird

Was really glad to see my good Pinoy friend Jay Sueno today in Santa Cruz. He drove all the way from Washington, paddled out to Second Peak Pleasure Point, caught a few waves, towel changed, and then drove back. ( To San Francisco then back home to Seattle)

A few minutes of gliding on water certainly makes a ten hour drive worth while.

Hope to surf with you in your home break sometime Jay!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Surfer Cowboy

One of the first people I met in Santa Cruz this trip is Bill Farrington. Must say that he is probably one of the nicest persons I have ever met. His house, our home base whenever we surf Pleasure Point, has such a warm and welcoming vibe that you'll feel completely at home right upon walking up his front porch.
Bill loves to have close friends over and cook hearty meals for everyone to enjoy. He makes the best grilled chicken, burgers, and potatoes, not to mention fresh home made tortillas!

As he would always say, " When it's all said and done, I think the most memorable times we spend are having meals with our friends."

A sustainable agriculture advocate, our surfer cowboy really practices what he preaches as he makes sure that almost nothing goes to waste in his house.

Annie girl! :)

Ashley Lloyd's board that she graciously let me use

One of the high lights after surfing in cold water-Bill's outdoor hot shower!!! He made it from beautiful recycled mosaic tiles and discarded fence wood planks.