Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekend Tunes: Falling Out of Reach

WE love this song especially the part when they say " should be sleeping..." :)

Falling Out of Reach by Guillemots

Slow down, slow down
You'll only get burned out
Calm down, calm down
You're getting so worn out

They're trying to make you compromise
This fire burning in your eyes

Darling, you're slowly drifting out of reach
I'm slowly drifting out of reach
We're slowly drifting out of reach

You're slowly falling out of reach
I'm slowly falling out of reach
We're slowly falling out of reach

Out of reach

So home is just a word now
You don't see it anymore
The child's eyes are vacant now
The lights are just a glare

Music's gone and you're always wrong
And there's people everywhere

But darling, time will make amends
Just need a rest, just need your friends

They're slowly drifting out of reach
You're slowly drifting out of reach
We're slowly drifting out of reach

You're slowly falling out of reach
I'm slowly falling out of reach
We're slowly falling out of reach

Oh, keep falling, falling down
You won't need this
You don't need this now

You should be sleeping
Yeah, you should be sleeping

Oh, you're slowly drifting out of reach
I'm slowly drifting out of reach
We're slowly drifting out of reach

You're slowly falling out of reach
I'm slowly falling out of reach
We're slowly falling out of reach

Out of reach

Don't cry, don't cry
Birds' eyes fill up in the sky

The sun keeps burning
The sun keeps burning
Don't know what to do

Out of reach

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Lokal Soul is a magazine-style blog which features anything about surfing and the surf lifestyle in the Philippines. Also, what's interesting is that all content comes from reader submissions. Their aim is to be able to share what surfing is about from anywhere and everywhere in the P.I.

They recently featured Coast Thru Life in one of their entries as well as videos of Boracay skimboarding, Baler surf (here and here), the RVCA video of Alex Knost in Malibu (video was shot while Buji was there!) and our Sunset Logging video.

Thanks Lokal Soul and here's to sharing the stoke!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Meanwhile, back in the P.I. ...

While my favorite surfer Buji was enjoying perfect Malibu peelers and meeting all these awesome surfers and amazing people…

We were also fortunately blessed with fun waves, warm waters and sunshine!

checking out the morning peelers

THE MAN! Mike Oida

Our good friends Mike Oida and Alma Nuesca Oida -- owners of Kapuluan Vista Resort in Ilocos Norte, and two of the best surfers here in the Philippines -- told us that the waves were gonna be great for the weekend so my friends and I braved the 12-hour bus ride from Manila to Ilocos. Worth it?

Chest high, glassy, and 3 people out.

And when you turn your head to the right, you see this. Heartbreak.

Alma taking off on one of the bigger sets of the day.
(photo from Alma)

sharing a wave w/ the youngest one in the lineup!
(photo from Alma)

(photo from Alma)

(photo from Alma)

Chef Marco 

Mike gets covered up!
(photo from Alma)

having breakfast and seeing this view...

...with these little cuties!!!

and THIS little cutie!!!
(Beau Oida gets art lessons from Tita Nina!)

Alma's throne   :p

Parting Shot: Nina Santamaria enjoying the glassy left.
(photo from Alma)

Worth it. Definitely worth it.

Monday, July 18, 2011

on our iPods: Eyes

Eyes by Rogue Wave

Missed the last train home. 
Birds pass by to tell me that I'm not alone. 

Over pushing myself to finish this part, 
I can handle a lot, 
But one thing I'm missing is in your eyes. 

In your eyes (6) 

Have you seen this film? 
It reminds me of walking through the avenues. 

Washing my hands of attachments yeah, 
land on the ground, 
one thing I'm missing, is in your eyes. 
In your eyes. (6) 

(instrumental break) 

In your eyes (9)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Star in the Sky : Tony Maristela

My brother and I are truly blessed to have met Tony Maristela. He took the 3 hour drive from his home in San Diego to meet up and hang out with us in Malibu.

Joncy Sumulong of Walk the Earth Films and Banana Pancake Trail hooked us up and it all started from there.

A proud pinoy and an avid photographer with years of experience working in the Military covering news conferences from Egypt-Israel, Kosovo-Macedonia, and San Diego-Tijuana, Tony created "Star in the Sky Productions"-a photography firm dedicated to " making you smile, keeping you smiling, and showing how dignified your life is."

Check out his awesome site and some of the amazing photos he took that day in Malibu.

Thanks Tony!

Sharing Waves

Joel Tudor

It was really great bumping into these guys on the beach. It's amazing how the ocean and the act of riding waves can connect you to people you otherwise will only get to see in magazines or surf films.

Surfing breaks down boundaries, lets you be in the same ocean, and even share waves with your surf heroes.

At the end of the day, we're all just surfers sitting on our boards, floating around the ocean, waiting for a wave :)

Alex Knost

Harrison Roach


Thank for the photos Jun and Trina :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Malibu Day 1

Dawn Patrol..and there's at least 50 people in the line up already...

The road trip essentials...
Your all around board, your favorite cap, a pillow, a dry towel, GPS, Ipod, and lots of Red Bull...

Appear! Kapatid Neil and Jun the man!

Erwin had a fat Tilapia with 2 fins for breakfast

Papa John and Magic Al drove down with us to Malibu from Santa Cruz. Nice board!

Wonder why Miguel had a huge smile when he went in. I think Papa John knows why.

Me, Noah, his lovely friend, Erwin, Jun, and Kuya Raul the man.

Was rinsing my board in the outdoor shower and the person next to me offered to help me turn on the water.
Didn't recognize him right away because of all the water in my eyes. Then I told him I think I've seen you in surf films. He said "Maybe..."

Soon realized that I was actually talking to one of the best longboarders in the world.
Noah Shimabukuro.
Watched him in Beneath the Surface and Tales From The Black Van a dozen times.
photo from LiquidSalt Mag
Surf pho­tog­ra­phy by Chris Klopf
Check out Noah's photos

What a happy day!

The Bu sure seemed like LU.

...Nice sticker Erwin!

Malibu..Here We Come!

Hate to leave Santa Cruz for a while... we come!
Please be kind to us...

Got to Malibu at 5am and it was still dark.

Was asleep the entire trip and when I woke up, Miguel was towel changing and unstrapping the boards almost simultaneousy

I took a close look at the beach and saw those long perfect 3-4 foot peelers glistening in the pier lights and realized why he couldn't wait to get in the water!