Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer at the Bu: Behind the scenes

While keeping one eye on the side view mirror and the other on the perfect waves, Miguel accidentally grazed the side of this van.

I told him to make a peace offering- a bottle of Gatorade and a pack of Oreos. The owners, one of which is in the video also (lovely lady unzipping her wetsuit by the curb), smiled and told us not to worry about it and that it'l just rub off! We were so surprised at their reaction.
Surfers can really be the nicest persons on Earth!
Thanks guys!!! :)

The Legend, our good friend, Jimmy Gamboa.
Looking forward to your visit here! :)

Malibu Carl and Jimmy. You'll see Carl sitting by the stairs or walking around the Bu every single day. He's a local celebrity already.
Try and google "Malibu Carl" and see why :)

Ian Zamora and Jimmy.

Myself, Tony Maristela, and Ian Zamora.
Ian Zamora is one of the best shapers in LA to date. His creations are in demand all over the world.
And he's Pinoy!
Check out Zamora Surf.Com

Neil Antolin with his nice Zamora single fin Hull

Joel Tudor

Alex Knost shaking the ocean off

Miguel Libarnes

Miguel Libarnes, Ian Zamora, and Jun Villanueva laughing at me coz I was using my fixed 100mm lens and had to step back all the way, almost in the water already, just to get all three of them in the frame.

JBrother made the films "Adrift" and "Longer" featuring Joel Tudor."Longer" was one of the first films of its time which presented the beauty and art of soulful surfing which none other than Joel Tudor best exemplifies. I must have watched this film a hundred times already.
Told me that he's currently working on his new film "Shorter".
Be sure to watch out for it!

It's hard to miss Kameron in the water.

Harrison Roach

I talked to Harrison in the lineup and he was surprised and asked me how I even knew him. I told him,
Then he took off on one of the longest nose rides I saw those couple of days that I was in Malibu.
Really nice guy too!
Even hung out with us and offered to show us his new board. He rips on a log, a high performance long board, a short board, a fish,alaias, or almost anything he can get his hands on.
No wonder he's one of the top surfers from Australia.

Kevin Ray and Trina.

One of the original surfers of Baler who is now a Malibu Local, Raul Tolentino.

Jun and Trina
Nice shirt Jun!

Till next time!


  1. very nice! wala na. ikaw na tlaga tay.

  2. Kapag may Malibu surfer na mag-LU...

    Malibu Surfer: "Are you that Buji Brownlegs?"
    Buji: "Hey joe, how do you know?"
    Malibu Surfer: "Coast Thru Life... You're that film maker!"

    PS. Gusto kong makilala 'tong Malibu Carl na 'to!

  3. By the way, been researching on feasibility of pine wood for alaias... There's a workshop near our house that makes furniture from used pine crates. Am thinking of having them fabricate an alaia blank, then I'll figure out how to plane/shape/treat/seal the thing.

  4. Hahahahaha!!!!!

    Malibu surfer : " Oh you're that Filipino guy with the darkest freakin legs I've ever seen. " :)

    Let me know how your plan goes Kiddo. I'l definitely want to order too! hehe :)