Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Zamora Surfboards: The Degree of Slide

Great guy and talent + the perfect testing grounds=
Excellent handcrafted water sliders.

Zamora Surfboards
-Premium Handcrafted Custom Wave Sliders from California-
Coming soon.

"The well-rounded Zamora Quiver incorporates a wide variety of wave riding machines each developed and created for a specific type of wave and style of surfing."
- Zamora Surf

" Our longboards are designed for ultimate sliding potential at pristine points and quick beachbreaks. From heavy, classic squaretails to responsive, high performance pintails, Zamora Surf has the right log to tickle anyone's fancy."
-Zamora Surf

These are some of Zamora's best selling longboards. Zamora Surf can design and shape any kind of longboard that you like, whether its a full on nose-rider, a responsive pintail, or a post modern pig. Choose a color or resin tint that you fancy, the dimensions of the longboard that you've always wanted and have a unique and ultra special log custom shaped for you.

Big Chief II

Glassed standard with 10 oz Volan, this big, wide squaretail has heavy nose concave and accelerated tail flip making it a perfect sidewalk for nose riding.

Big Chief IV

Post Modern Pig I

The Zamora Post Modern Pig : A modern twist on the classic Pig. Narrower nose, thinner rails, wide point pulled back, and a bit of tail kick thrown in.

Carlita Special I

Your classic pintail noserider developed with Malibu stylist, Carla Rowland, created especially for the long, clean, peeling waves of First Point Malibu. The magic behind this pintail is the speed and drive it gains from the moment a bottom turn is made. The pinched 50/50 rails and low entry rocker has just enough tail rocker to lock you in while maintaining the right speed and trim to get you through those tricky sections at the ‘Bu.
Carlita Special II

Carlita Special III

Custom Square Tail C/ Taylormade

A traditional squaretail with medium 50/50 rails and relaxed rocker makes this board a very forgiving, yet accomplished noserider. More refined than the Progressor, this board has plenty of stability, but also maintains adequate maneuverability.

EJ Progressor I

The idea behind this shape is to progress the beginner/intermediate surfer to the next level. Replicated from a Don Peterson shape custom built for Carla in her early years, this board maintains a fuller foil and rails for added stability. The forgiving rocker and fundamental squaretail allows the rider to feel more confident when trying new tricks.

The Red Carlita Performance Nose Rider.

Golden Diamond Tail Performance Noserider shaped for Echo.

The Buji Brownlegs PMP. Shaped for Buji for those bigger days.

We're accepting custom orders now.

Feel free to message us at

All photos by Ian Zamora.

To read more about Ian Zamora, check out his article on Liquid Salt.


  1. ang ganda ng designs niya buj! i especially like the Big Chief IV!!! :-)

  2. Ganda insan kelan kaya ako makaka gamit ng ganyang boards haha:)

  3. Guys is that for sale?

  4. Thanks Kiddo, Nina, and Jeff! We're also really looking forward to the arrival of these boards. We're accepting custom orders now so if you want one or know someone who might want one, kindly spread the word. We'll be shipping these boards from California on a regular basis.

    For inquiries, you can message us at

    Thanks again! :)