Sunday, November 20, 2011

a coasty weekend: day two

Sun-kissed friends gathered at the beach for Carla Rowland's  surf coaching sessions. 

good morning Mike & Ian!

Buji & Echo

me  & echo 

carla & buji

Everyone was eager to paddle out and try the new stuff they learned.

lovely peeps hanging out by Kahuna's pool

fellow coaster & chef Marco P getting some sun


lovely ladies Bri Manglapus, Carla Sebastian & Lorraine Lapus

Carla gave a sunset coaching session for intermediate surfers and shared valuable tips from warm up exercises, proper cross stepping and nose riding. For the ladies, she even shared some secrets on how to look confident and gorgeous in and out of the water. (Ex. paddling to the line-up while keeping your hair dry.) Everyone was tuned in as this blonde-haired blue-eyed surf goddess shared her surfing wisdom.

all eyes & ears on Carla

like I said, goddess.

even Ocean was there to support! 

Thank you Carla for sharing so much to us.
 Listening to you truly showed us what true long boarding is all about :
 Style, composure, glide, going with the flow, and just havin' fun on every wave.

Carla and Ian of ZamoraSurf

Carla with top Filipina surfer Daisy Valdez

more photos at Coast Thru Life's facebook page! check it out!

watch out for the jamming session with Echo, the party and day three of a coasty weekend! 

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