Thursday, January 5, 2012


I was reading through this issue of Surfer's Journal when I came across this article by Derek Hynd about surfing with-out fins. It explains how surfing is free and more pure if done finless. Surfing minus the fin allows the surfer to be one with the ocean; gliding and sliding on the wave in all dimensions rather than tearing it apart.

As I was reading through, it became apparent to me that this was about the surf film my good friend Ellana Pfeiffer showed me. "Musica Surfica" is a multi-awarded surf movie about 10 legendary surfers taking a trip to King Island, blending 10 wave craft designs over a span of 10 days. It breaks all common conceptions that we have about surfing and makes us look at the entire experience in a whole new light.

One of the stars of this star-studded film,
with special mention in this article, is Ellana's dad, mat pioneer Warren Pfeiffer.

"Warren Pfeiffer-Mat pioneer from Angourie by way of Dee Why, at the cutting edge of free-friction planing aboard the latest of fourth gear fliers and buddy of George (Greenough)"

Here's some extra footage from Musica Surfica of Warren doing his thing.

Here's what proud daughter Ellana has to say about her dad:

"All surfers do not act their age at all.They dont even look their age either. Everyone who sees my dad thinks he's about 45-50ish when he's actually---. I think it must be something about the salt water mixed with the sun and the pure blissful feeling your body gets when you surf that makes it want to stay young forever."

Coincidentally, it's Ellana's birthday today. I'd like to share some photos I was able to snap of Ellana and sister Eliza one beautiful afternoon in their home away from home, San Juan, La Union.


"In the ocean, you are free and you are home."- Eliza Pfeiffer

Close your eyes and make a wish…

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