Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Aloha Boardsports, Abreeza Mall, Davao

Aloha Boardsports commissioned Buji and Nikki, both Architects by profession, to design the Aloha Boardsports Abreeza Mall branch. This is the first of Aloha Boardsports shops to feature Aloha's new look.

Since the new stores will predominantly be showcasing fine RVCA apparel, the duo thought of using RVCA's slogan: "Balance of opposites" as a guiding principle for the concept of the shop :
"Where urban meets beach."

Elements of an old beach house, such as recycled wooden floor and wall planks, wooden louvered windows, and spanish style lamps were combined with elements which represent the urban landscape such as exposed ducting, industrial steel piping, and pre-fabricated cement panels.

"We wanted people to feel like they were walking into a cozy beach house. We wanted the feel and the sound of walking on old wooden floor planks, the soothing low key lighting, and a homey lounge vibe.
We pretty much put in everything we wanted to have in a surf/skate shop."

The basic design features of RVCA flagship stores in California were retained such as their wood framed RVCA graphics.

Mix of wooden shelves, steel piping, wooden floors, and pre-fab cement wall panels.

Rather than using halogen bulbs which consume a lot of electricity and emit excess heat, CFL's and LED's were used through-out the store to help conserve energy.

Sit back,relax on that cozy leather couch, and watch a cool surf vid while your buddies shop.

Industrial steel pipes were fitted with CFL's for accent lighting.

Sliding into the fitting room to try out a new bikini or pair of trunks, feeling the warm wood under your feet, and seeing the amber light filter through the wooden louvers actually feels like you're in a beach cottage dressing down to hit the surf.

photo by Roni Bugayong

photo by Roni Bugayong

Watch out for more Aloha Boardsports shops opening soon all over the country.

Photos by Jefferson Ganuelas

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