Thursday, August 2, 2012


After a 12 hour freezing bus ride to pagudpud, the northern tip of the philippines, getting on our reliable tricycle steed. Couldnt fit our logs in the bus so just brought our chubby babies.

Sidecar ride.

Feels great to be back. This is my favorite surf resort. We designed it 7years ago and feels like home each time i step in. 

Surf's pumping upfront but i think i just want to enjoy this bed for an hour.

Our beautiful chef mona "uncooking" something fresh and healthy for us.@kapuluanvistaresort

Screen grab photo by @thesurfdoc

Trunks passed the test. Screen grab from Mark Dimo Dimalanta's video footage.

What's up Marky?

Some tip time on a zamora 5'9 rounded pintail simms.@kapuluanvista. 

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