Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Nope Luke Landrigan didn't open his own board rental/surf school in Canggu. He's simply enjoying a pre-heat massage from the girls during the Deus 9ft & single. 

Bali scooter rides and smiles for miles. Buji & Kassia

Batukaras talent Giang Bebasantay

Lovebirds Kim & Echo looking fly in Canggu, til they found out in the middle of a busy Kuta street that their bike's fuel gauge was indeed working when it was reading empty. 

Buji about to enjoy a #Tugu tumble wash before his occasional (long) swim all the way to the parking lot. Photo by Charlie Gomez.

Nikki, her black $5 a day Bali scooter to get her around, and her purple 6'2" single fin Scooter for priceless water sliding fun.@mctavishsurf

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