Sunday, April 24, 2011

fish are friends

When it gets a bit too big for our logs, we take out these super fun chubby boards. 

(me, my scooter, and my brownlegs -buji)

fellow coaster, Jericho Rosales

(Sabang, Baler - photo by Kage Gozun)

Although when it's even just two feet, these boards are still loads of fun.
buji gives us some spray

Ellana, Echo and Buji checking out the surf from shore

You can even sneak in a cheater five! (Buji cheating five at the point)

(echo about to coast down the line)


  1. Love it Nikki! But you have to explain the "lingo" to me...ahahaha!

  2. B&w wide-angle shot of angel is mint. Cinematic. Frames a nice story. It's all there. The beach lifestyle, the surf, travel...and above all, Time shared by friends.

    Just goes to show, it ain't in the arrow, it's in the archer. Well done, angel.

    -- the j-babycakes