Sunday, April 24, 2011

legs on logs

Nothing beats the feeling of gliding on water. Whether on head high peelers or on one foot lumps, a proper long board will get you coasting. If you haven’t tried this ultimate user-friendly water glider, we suggest you do.  It can certainly make you one of the happiest persons in the line-up.

photo by Angel Villanueva

Party wavin at Monalisa point w/ Kagey. -Nikki


  1. sa wakas!!! its about time you two did something like this :-) can't wait to see/ read more!---Nina S

  2. The golden hour photo of Nikkibabykins goin for the Hang-5. No contrived posed boring drawn-out overused photographic cliches there. Simply an honest magic moment captured in perfection. Brilliant work as always from the quietly hardworking Tim Hain.

  3. Surfing without wetsuits... can't wait!