Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bits and Pieces : An Afternoon with Ash and Al

Ashley's hand made fin and hand printed shirts

Finley staring at the brown stranger sharing her patch of grass

As much as Ash and Alex love logs, they also keep a quiver of shorter ones for when the surf gets bigger.

Boards enjoying their siesta in the shade

Their own organic vegetable patch.

Ash proudly shows us Alex' works or art.
Old pots and discarded cans that Alex transformed into interesting new homes for their
little green friends.

Paintings drawn on old recycled wooden boxes

Ash taking a breather before sharing with us more amazing stuff.

Board Socks made with Love

Board Info Sheet for Ashley Lloyd's newest team rider, Chloe Vetterli.

Ashley always puts in a lot of time and heart into shaping her custom boards,
making sure that she considers what the rider of the board really likes, on what type of waves the board will be ridden, and how it will perform,
creating boards that not only look great but work great as well.


They surf with so much style, make beautiful surfboards, fins,
board socks, shirts, artwork, and music.
I'm pretty sure I'm missing out on a lot more amazing stuff they can do.

Jenny, Ruby, and Finley

This wonderful couple has shown us
how beautiful a simple life, built around surfing, the ocean, special friends,
and the things that truly matter,can be.

Thanks for a wonderful afternoon guys!


  1. Its a barefoot revolution on both water and land. Diggin the raised bed garden.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Brad. Your works of art are brilliant.