Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Back in Our favorite Place in the World

There you are my dear log. Did you miss the sun?

Look what daddy got for you? :)

One happy log.

Headin' out with Tj.

I've dreamt many a night of paddling back into your arms Monalisa P.

Anthony Luebben about to shred away.

Geo leaning back for more.

Kiddo and Cadence-the newest water baby with cheeks
squishier than a huge ball of melted wax.

Elaine smiling away.

Paul. Got off the plane from Bali and jumped straight on the bus to Lu with Kim.

Lor and Niks. Flower Power.

Jam and Kagey


"Nice to meet you Mark."

Jeff O.
Our host for that weekend with a voice that matters.

Feels great to be back.


  1. AHH! Such good vibes at LU, also our family's favorite place in the world. Cadence says thanks for the photo. :D

  2. It was an awesome weekend for us! :) good waves and great tunes by dFrankenreiter!

  3. sooo much fun, awesome photos xxxx

  4. It was an awesome weekend & it was so nice to spend it with you! I still have photos of us in the water :) And I love the nostalgic & good vibes vibe of this blog. xoxo

  5. Love it! Missing those LU vibes :) Truly feel blessed to have called such a place home!