Thursday, March 1, 2012

Almond Surfboards and Designs

I've heard and known about this really cool brand Almond that's been making waves for quite sometime. Being a huge old school fan myself, I was really drawn to their vintage, classic, clean, and simple aesthetic. From their cool films, their store, their site, their old school boards and fins, to their enthusiasts, you can't help but imbibe the entire "good old days" vibe and everything that is Almond.

When I was in Santa Cruz visiting my brother last summer, I was really hoping I'd get to check out their shop. Bummed at thinking I wouldn't have the chance to travel down to SoCal anymore, I checked out Almond's website and ordered the Almond D fin that I've always wanted to take back home to the Philippines.

It was even Dave Allee, owner of Almond, who personally took care of my order,made sure that it would be shipped to me in San Jose on time, and even slipped in a few stickers.

(If you'd look closely, there's a shaka somewhere there.)

I couldn't stop looking at this shiny smoked black gem and even played around with it against the light, pretended it was a shark's fin, and stuff a kid does with a new toy. Fell asleep with the fin beside me.

The next morning, I found out my trip was extended and that my brother and I could actually drive down to LA after all. Before I knew it, I found myself walking into Almond Surfboards and Designs' door.

I was greeted by Almond's shop manager Jeff Alley.

Everything inside was cool.

Miguel checking out this green little piggie.

The coolest surf bike ever.

Vintage wooden box for your wax, lunch, or a really small friend.

We could have watched Nate surf all day.

Let's go planking.

Just add wheels and miles of pure fun await.

Fresh fish for sale.

Life truly is.

Was really a pleasure to meet these cool cats.
The Almond Crew: (from left to right)
Jeffrey Allee, Dave Allee (founder of Almond Surfboards and Designs), and Taylor Allee.
The family that stays together, surfs together.

Thanks for having us guys!

We couldn't agree more.

Oh and even if I was already on a tight budget and only had a couple of bucks left in my wallet,
I just couldn't resist buying this mouth watering apple green D.

This week marks the 3rd year anniversary of Almond Surfboards and Designs.

Let the good vibes roll by!

Be sure to check em out at

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