Friday, March 30, 2012

The Girl called Bindy

*Belinda Baggs*

photo by Adam Kobayashi from Liquid Salt Magazine

Belinda Baggs is one of the reasons Nikki and I fell in love with logging.
Her style and grace make her one, if not the, most beautiful surfers to watch. ( In fact, we think that she is one of the most beautiful people on this planet.) Whatever she does in the water, whether on the nose of her log with her signature knees together perch or simply swimming in the ocean's embrace is art…
is a masterpiece.

photo by Adam Kobayashi from Liquid Salt Magazine

photo by Adam Kobayashi from Liquid Salt Magazine
She glides effortlessly on knee high peelers.

photo by Adam Kobayashi from Liquid Salt Magazine
And charges waves most of us would never even dare to surf in a thousand years.

"Surfing, or riding waves on any medium, pretty much is my life. It dictates where I will be, when I will be there and, more importantly, gives me a sense of purpose and the reason that I am who I am. It is my passion; it has been since before I can remember and has always lead me throughout the different directions that my life has taken. Surfing gives me hope throughout the down times, creates dreams, provides adventure and is a place that in any society you can be 100% free. It’s love. It can give that spiritual connection with nature, fulfill that sense of wildness, and, on occasion, be nothing more than pure fun."

photo from the Style Sociele Blog

Belinda also happens to be a very talented artist. This is a photo of her with one of her favorite logs which she painted on. Unfortunately, she mysteriously lost this board while surfing in the Mentawais. We're still hoping the two of you get reunited someday Bindy…
( We just got word that a fisherman found the board already!)

We were truly blessed to have been given the chance to meet her in person and spend a wonderful evening with Adam Kobayashi, and their cute little acrobat named Rayson.

Adam Kobayashi training Rayson for those perfect 10's.

Me and the lady I would love to surf like. Was pinching my hand to check if I was dreaming.

Everyone was so eager to listen to Belinda's stories.

The Filipina longboarding crew who are huge fans of Bindy.

Nikki couldn't control herself when she found out we were meeting Belinda.

Sorry Belinda, we couldn't help but ask for your autograph :)

The surf dvd that first introduced us to Belinda.

Who ever thought she would be signing our copy.

clip from our favorite surf film- Sprout

"Lady Slide"

"To Coast Thru Life,
♥ the ocean, ♥ our logs, and ♥ life."
- Belinda Baggs

Was so inspired that evening and couldn't sleep so I got a pen and started doodling.

Thanks for inspiring us in so many ways Belinda!

To find out more about Belinda, check out her Patagonia profile.

more photos on our facebook page.


  1. wwooohh, Belinda Baggs!! one of the finest navigators of the nasal passage!

  2. one word: GOOSEBUMPS. gusto ko na maiyak! hahaha sarrehhh