Sunday, July 3, 2011

Love before all things.The Ashley Lloyd Situation

Here are some photos from the Ashley Lloyd Situation gig in New Leaf that we went to.

Kaylinn Dovely also played some amazing tunes that evening.

The Ashley Lloyd Situation

Alex and Ashley. Perfect combination.
They create and play music together, surf with incredible style,
and make beautiful boards and fins.

Danny and Lisa

Anika and Mavrick

Jenny, Melissa, and Lisa enjoying the music. Was able to surf with Jenny and Melissa and I was impressed. They can really walk on water with style.

Click here to check out his surf photos.
(He can definitely glide and slide on a heavy log as well..such a nice guy..)

Me, Kaylinn, Ashley, and Alex

Ashley and Kaylinn gave me their CD's as birthday presents :)

"Love before all things…"

Thanks Ashley and Kaylinn! :)

Check out their music for some sweet delightful tunes.


  1. "Love before all things..." I agree with that 100%! I think I like these folks already (haven't even met them). Original music, good surf, and did I see kids? -- my kind of life! Inspiring.

  2. and yes. buji has great surf style! :) my favorite surfer!!! :)

  3. Humanda ka Buji, mukhang miss na miss ka na nitong si Nikki! Hahaha.

  4. can't wait for Buji to bring home this cd so i can listen to it too!

  5. Thanks For the swwet comment! It was so great to surf with you as well. That day we surfed for hours at 38th was probably my favorite session of the summer. Great waves and Great vibes all day! Glad we got to share that!