Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ashley Lloyd

Ashley is one of the nicest persons in and out of the water that I have ever met. Her sweetness, kindness and positive energy overflow from everything she is-her smile, her gentle voice, her surfing, her shaping, and her music. She's truly an amazing and extremely talented individual.

I'm truly blessed to have met such a wonderful person…

Watching Ashley surf is always a beautiful sight. What you can't see in these photos is the delightful smile she has in each and every wave she takes.

Surf photos taken by Miguel using my cam. Sorry just have a 100mm max zoom...
More surf photos of Ashley to come :)

Check out Ashley Lloyd's site for some sweet inspiration to brighten up your day :)


  1. Hi Insan! Ashley's goofy foot but she can switch stance like nothing that's why it can get confusing :)

    She's in our favorite surf film Sprout. Watch out for her in Lady Slide Insan:)