Saturday, July 16, 2011

Star in the Sky : Tony Maristela

My brother and I are truly blessed to have met Tony Maristela. He took the 3 hour drive from his home in San Diego to meet up and hang out with us in Malibu.

Joncy Sumulong of Walk the Earth Films and Banana Pancake Trail hooked us up and it all started from there.

A proud pinoy and an avid photographer with years of experience working in the Military covering news conferences from Egypt-Israel, Kosovo-Macedonia, and San Diego-Tijuana, Tony created "Star in the Sky Productions"-a photography firm dedicated to " making you smile, keeping you smiling, and showing how dignified your life is."

Check out his awesome site and some of the amazing photos he took that day in Malibu.

Thanks Tony!


  1. Bagay yung long blonde hair Buj. Patubo ka rin ng balbas katulad ni Joel/Alex.

  2. Hahahahaha! Mahal kasi magpagupit dito eh kaya humaba ng husto! :)

  3. babe bagay sayo yung hair!! hehehe farrah fawcett! kidding :) in kvr now. sipping margaritas while resting from surf! wish u were here!!!!!

  4. Hahahaha! Sarap naman! Alma's Margarita! Ayayay! :)

  5. Tony's awesome. From Biarritz to the Bu, he's travelled and shared.

    good karma, good life.