Thursday, July 14, 2011

Malibu..Here We Come!

Hate to leave Santa Cruz for a while... we come!
Please be kind to us...

Got to Malibu at 5am and it was still dark.

Was asleep the entire trip and when I woke up, Miguel was towel changing and unstrapping the boards almost simultaneousy

I took a close look at the beach and saw those long perfect 3-4 foot peelers glistening in the pier lights and realized why he couldn't wait to get in the water!


  1. How was the BU? If you are coming to San Onofre this weekend, hit me up!

  2. buuuuuuuj ang saya! stoked for you always

  3. Thanks Nins!!! Wish you guys were there too!!!

  4. Ey John! We were at SanO for a day trip yesterday. We'll be in Malibu again tomorrow then we drive back home to San Jose in the afternoon. Really wished we could have met you. If you want to surf Malibu tomorrow just message me. My number is 408 532 3547. Cheers.