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As Architects, Surfing has truly been a blessing to us. We can proudly say that our first clients were friends that we met thru surfing. We almost instantly click with these interesting individuals, whom we now consider more as dear friends than clients.

They always seem to have the same design features in mind which makes the projects we do with them really appealing to us- they want it clean and simple, unpretentious, inviting, open, light and breezy, and sustainable, may it be through deciding to invest on solar panels or simply using LED’s and CFL’s .

To this date, almost all of our projects are for surfer friends or for family and friends whom they referred to us :-)

Kapuluan Vista Resort, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

Mike and Alma, w/ their daughter Beau
The first major project I designed, together with my friend Kelvin, was Kapuluan Vista Resort. I met Mike and Alma surfing at Monalisa Point years back. They told me that they were planning to build a resort in Pagudpud and asked if I would like to design it. Of course I said yes!

We’ve been the best of friends ever since.

(photo from Kapuluan Vista Resort website)

photo by Tor Johnson
(photo from Kapuluan Vista Resort website)
Falling in love with the Philippines’ beautiful and yet undiscovered surf spots and seeing the potential our country has to become a world class surfing destination, Mike and Alma decided to leave San Diego and come home.

Thanks to the couple’s amazing ingenuity, their vision to create a green sustainable resort, and their passion for what they do, Kapuluan Vista Resort was recognized as one of Northern Luzon’s most innovative beach resorts.

Aside from being awesome surfers, Mike and Alma can cook up the most delectable, healthy, and organic dishes that will surely make your trip worthwhile (photo from KVR's facebook page)

or more info on Kapuluan Vista Resort, visit their website

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