Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rewind: Summer Lovin'

Thinking of a perfect summer getaway? We recommend that you take a trip up north to Pagudpud. Once you get to Blue Lagoon, just drive a bit further down the dirt road and you’ll find Kapuluan Vista Resort, a down to earth minimalist resort with white washed walls nestled with-in expansive rice fields and Pagudpud’s rolling hills. You’ll most probably be welcomed warmly by Mike, Alma, and their lovely daughter Beau.

me and buj at KVR (photo by Dibs Trofeo)

We were there last summer and we can say that it was one of the best surf trips we’ve ever had!

We’d wake up as the sun rises, have breakfast, grab our boards, take a few steps across the dirt road and into a beautiful cove right in front of the resort, paddle out to perfect 3-4ft left-handers, paddle in for lunch, then take a dip in the pool, maybe take a siesta in our breezy cabana, wake up and order the best empanadas for merienda, paddle back out again for an afternoon session, paddle in when we think we’ve had enough waves for the day, and watch the sunset while sipping on a glass of Alma’s infamous margarita.

This was our routine for the entire week we were there. That was truly a perfect summer getaway!!

Buji and Mike enjoying the peeling left handers right in front of the resort. Mike, who grew up surfing San Diego before deciding to move to the Philippines, is definitely one of the best longboarders in the country.
(Mike's photo by Mark Dimalanta, Aloha Boardsports)

Alma is also one of the finest lady sliders in the Philippines. Watch her sit at the perfect spot and take off on the biggest sets in Vista, poised and so relaxed as if this spot was just an extension of their living room
(photo by Jeff Ganuelas of Moonshine & Saltwater)

one of our best friends Gab chilling in the Cabana w/ Buji sleeping in the background 
(photo by Dibs Trofeo)
enjoying Alma'a margaritas in the pool, w/ Alma!

Nina and Alma 

Echo and internationally renowned director of photography Dibs Trofeo
Gab and Buji goofing around in the pool

Can't wait till our next summer adventure!!


  1. i miss this too niks! that was one of the BEST surf trips ever :-) ooooh, alma's margaritas after surfing, PRICELESS! plus, i love how you called out Dibs as "internationally renowned DOP", yown oh! happy happy happy trip :-)

  2. You are so good at surfing Nikki, have you tried SUP? You can check us out for the paddle and board. Snowcoast Canada