Friday, May 20, 2011

sunset logging

Hope you like this video our friend Jeff G. made. It was shot in Lu last week when we were feeling a bit bummed that it was our last day there and it was still really puny in front. Jeff suggested that we check Sunset Beach which was a few kilometers further north. We borrowed Angel and Marie’s jeep, loaded our boards, and went off.
We’re sure glad we did! 

Sunset Logging from jefferson.ganuelas on Vimeo.

Here are some BTS shots :)
loading up Angel and Marie's jeep

jeff ganuelas of moonshine and saltwater

steadying the tripod

The sunset loggers: Elfen, me, Buji, Jeff , Ojay and Peryong behind the camera :)


  1. Great video from Jeff! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thanks Meghan! Really glad you like it! Jeff did such an amazing job! Hope it didn't make you miss LU a bit? Looking forward to seeing you there again soon:-)

    --Many thanks too for following and sharing CoastThruLife Meghan :-)

  3. buji's so dark you could totally miss him in this photo! As the song in the vid goes.." God bless the smile on your face" buj or else we wouldn't have seen you!

  4. Nikki: I'm pretty sure you could spot Buji's smile from a mile away :)

    I do miss LU and look forward to coming back soon :) I feel very fortunate to have called it "home" for 6 months, lots of good memories and good friends... and of course small sunset peelers!!! My favourite waves :)

  5. Thanks Meghan! small peelers are my favorite too! :) hope to see you back in la union soon :)

  6. Hi Buji and Nikki!

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful "surf time" experience. It was a first for me at Sunset beach and I enjoyed every moment of it. Kudos to Jeff G. too, great video, I think I've watched it a couple dozen times already.

    More coasting!


  7. Thanks Elfen! It was such a nice afternoon surf experience for us too.Saya! Wouldn'y have been the same with out you! Looking forward to more sunset surf sessions this south swell :-)