Monday, May 23, 2011

missing LU's point waves already...

Here are some photos of me taken by Angel at the Point last March that I'd like to share :) Really miss the LU point waves...

Thanks Angel!

By the way, if you look closely, you'l see that I'm wearing a pair of denim cut-offs ( from Billabong). This is now my favorite pair to wear in and out of the water.I was surprised at how comfortable it is to surf in. No boxers required! : )


  1. Surf tayo this weekend! Hope there's sunshine!

  2. Ayos yung shorts! Meron akong Insight version -- stretch pa. Naisip ko din gamitin for surf!

  3. hehe. Sabi nya, that's the way they used to do it back in the day nung di pa uso board shorts material. Alam mo naman si Buj, basta luma at basic, mas gusto niya! hehe

  4. Oo nga eh - born in the wrong decade? Hey, let's make an alaia! That's old school.

  5. Ey Kiddo. I recommend you try surfing in your denim shorts too :-)

    Was actually thinking about making an Alia the other day also.Mike Oida is having one made already I think. It would be great if we could get a solid plank! :-)