Thursday, June 16, 2011

California Sunshine - Happy Times in Santa Cruz

Check out this delightful series of images my brother Miguel Libarnes took and put together--really captures what summer sun and fun mean...

Surfers: Monica Rose, Kevin Ray

Surfers: Tyler Critelli, Kai Medeiros

Surfers: Tyler Critelli, Darshan Gooch, Grace Strasser, Rachel Newmyer

Surfers: Chango, Grace Strasser, Ryan Burch

Surfers: Ashley Lloyd, Grace Strasser, Chango

Photos by Miguel Libarnes


  1. wishing i could be there with you guys!

  2. How come there are no photos of that Buji Libarnes? He's so hot right now.

  3. Summer sun comes to make some more fun, I just know it.
    driving on the water,WoW!!