Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Darren and Rachel's Pad

First time I walked into Darren and Rachel's house, I actually thought it was a vintage surf shop. I felt like I walked into a time machine back to the 60's. Inside is the coolest collection of boards hanging on wall racks and all over the ceiling. Really enjoy hanging out with these guys. They always say the funniest things that make us laugh out loud.

With years of surfing Santa Cruz' premiere spots, Rachel will take off on the big set waves back side and walk all the way to the nose with style and ease.

Darren loves to shape and ride his quiver of beautiful resin tint single fin longboards, classic shorties, hulls, and fishes. And he enjoys paddling out early in the morning to fish…on his longboard! Showed me a big fish he caught one morning right before he flew down south for a surf trip to Mexico.

What's cool is that most of these boards were made by Darren

Hmmm...I wonder which board I'll take out today…

Nice retro chair

Even the table cloth looks vintage

Great photo of Darren's quiver all laid out

Treasures in their backyard- vintage bikes parked every where

Rachel's Schwinn cruiser
a couple of interesting boards taking some RnR


  1. Idol ko na rin 'tong si Darren. Astig lang niya.

  2. Astig noh? Idol ko din siya!

    Hope we can get to shape our own boards too bro :)

    Boards shaped with love...