Thursday, June 23, 2011

Beamer and Mollie

I've had the opportunity to hang out with one of the coolest couples I've met- Beamer and Mollie.

Darren checking out Beamer's neat boards

Beamer's Almonds

His really nice Mini Simms

His classic Hobie Single fin

Their bus a' love

Solar panel chargers that hook up to sun visors can power your car batt, phones, and laptops.


  1. Bujs, kamusta na? Elyu is hitting up, bilisan mo umuwi.

  2. Oo nga daw Jeff eh! Sarap naman!!! miss ko na nga LU eh!!! Sandali nalang nanjan na ako ulit insan! :)

  3. Man these guys are living the dream! What an awesome van!

  4. Love the sun visor solar panel chargers!!! So cool :)
    I need to find some for our Westie!