Friday, June 3, 2011

Rewind: California '09

Looking forward to hopefully bumping into these guys in Cali again soon...

Christina Kee, Alex Knost, and my giant bro Miguel - photo by Aya Garcia

Dane Peterson and Aya
(I think I took this photo)

Brian Bent and his gigantic Kook Box
photo by Aya

Had a photo taken with Jimmy Gamboa but unfortunately, I only had my phone with me and the phone memory was already full!!!


  1. ALEX KNOST!!! (he is on my desktop wallpaper for about 3 months now). Quite fitting because Buji shares the same retro vibe Alex has. And that girl Christina Kee is the grrr :p

  2. Hehe. Galing ni papa Alex noh? And maganda nga naman si Christina noh TJ...di ko masabi na grrr siya eh..magagalit si niks! :-) Kaya si Alex nalang..grrr...