Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jimmy Gamboa

Met Jimmy in Malibu last time I was there. He's a really nice guy! Even invited me and my brother to stay at his place. He's been planning to come visit the Philippines but hasn't had the chance.Hopefully soon!!

photo from Jean Paul Garcia

photo from

Together with his lovely wife Kim (who also surfs by the way), they started a non-profit organization called TheraSurf. It aims to share the joys of surfing with special kids. Cool huh?

photo from Low Tide Rising

He wants to do this in the Philippines too. That would really be wonderful. When he finally gets the chance to come here, let's all give a hand to make this possible :-)


  1. Galing no kiddo? It's really inspiring that there are people who still do good out there.

    Masa-starstruck ako if (when!) he comes here!

  2. im so in! volunteer me! :-) awesome, buj!

  3. Ever since I started surfing, I thought it had so much potential for good. Such a pure and natural way to be happy.

  4. there is something about water and waves that unlocks the barriers of Autistic Children. I've watched parents weep and kids rejoice with hearty smiles as the water and waves wake their inner spirits.

    like they say... "only a surfer knows the feeling" and maybe at its core, a source so pure it can wake the child-like elation in all of us.

    Kudos to Jimmy and Kim for their endearing efforts. On a fine summer day, when a crew of aloha surfers invaded the wall at malibu, we witnessed Jimmy do his special craft. I'll link my photos from the day, and buji you and migz surfed like legends and made the locals at the 'bu remember that this is how we do it in the philippines.

    that day has been etched in my memory ever since.

    A hui hou!

  5. Can't wait for the photos from Dimo!